Q: What are typical production quantities? 
A: We run quantities anywhere from 1- 50,000 pieces.

Q: Can you accept drawings electronically?
A: Absolutely. We utilize all standard CAD software – see our Capabilities page for a specific list. We also can reverse engineer a part if needed. You can send files to Accelerated Tooling as an attachment to an email.

Q: Do you provide prototype machining services?
A: We provide prototype machining for products that are headed for higher quantities, with a smooth transition to production.

Q: What are your size capacities?
A: Our milling capacity is: table size is 24" X 42" X 20" high 
A: Our turning capacity is: 10" diameter X 60" length
Note, however, that on multiple occasions we have utilized our machines for projects outside the boundaries of the capacities listed above.

Q: What industries do you serve?
A: We serve many industries including: Food, Furniture, Automotive, Industrial and Aerospace.

Q. What is a typical lead-time for Accelerated Tooling?
A: Lead times vary, of course, based on the complexity of a part and the availability of materials. However, we strive to meet (or beat) the timing needs of all of our customers and have a process in place to expedite orders as necessary.

Q. Where is Wyoming, Michigan?
A: Wyoming, Michigan, is located in Kent County in southwest Michigan. Wyoming is directly adjacent (south and west) of the city of Grand Rapids. Accelerated Tooling is approximately 1.25 miles east of the U.S. 131, 28th Street exit and is 7 miles from the Gerald R. Ford International airport.
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